President's Sportsmanship Award JBD

Updated Sunday July 28, 2019 by Babe Ruth Import.

     President's Sportsmanship Award is dedicated to the player who demonstrates a positive attitude on and off the field. A player who leads by example and who truely demonstrates the meaning of sportsmanship. 

     This award made it's debut during the 2005 Season


‚Äč2019:  Grayson Gill (Bair Brothers)

2018:  A.J. Levans (Bair Brothers)

2017:  Josh Cunningham (Bair Brothers)

2016:  Durell Payton (Firefighters)
2015:  Tommy Bethel (Eagles)

2014:  Tommy Bethel  (Eagles)

2013:  Ryan Riggs  (Firefighters)

2012Marc "LA" Harris (Fremont Edward Jones)

2011:  Jarod Windsor  (Webster)

2010:  Tevin Schleter  (Webster)

2009:  Billy Roe (Bair Brothers)

2008:   Brandon Mesnard  (Bair Brothers)

           Tony Vassalle  (Webster)

2007:  Tyler Kuhn (Indians)

2006:  Andy Foy  (FOP)

2005:  Billy Rider Hohman (Indians) and Robert Armstrong (Firefighters)