Rookie of the Year JBD

Updated Friday August 9, 2019 by Babe Ruth Import.

     Rookie of the Year is dedicated to the most outstanding 13 year old player in the League.   This award is based on the player's on field performance, attitude and batting average.    This Award made it's debut during the 2005 season.



‚Äč2019:  Elijah Haman (Eagles)

2018:  Carson Wolf (Webster)

2017:  Josh Newsome (Tiffin Eagles)

2016:   Mikey McDole (Moose)

2015:  Gunnar Golden (Whirlpool)

2014:  Alden Bodak  (Webster)

2013:  Tony Szablewski  (Bair Brothers)

2012Zach Mehling  (Firefighters)

2011:  Kyle Edmond  (AJ's Heavenly Pizza)

2010:  Daniel Chevalier (Firefighters)

2009:  Logan Walker (Moose) 

2008:  Taylor Warner  (Firefighters)

2007:  Cody Behm (Webster)

2006:  Tony Vassalle  (Webster)

2005:  Kaleb Sherman (Moose)